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Nucleon Cabrio


Sport PPGG paraglider for trikes or tandem flying


nucleon-cabrio-naglowek You know what active flying is about, you are fond of reflex wing characteristics and you look for a canopy able to carry a trike or another passenger. You want to take-off easily, fly fast, have agility of steering and wide speed range on trims at your disposal. Despite your sporty ambitions you prefer to feel safe and comfortable in the air.

All you need is Nucleon Cabrio


Nucleon Cabrio is a redesigned, enlarged and tuned to specific needs version of the regular Nucleon. Its strengthened structure and refined rigging allows for perfect reproduction of intended aerofoil shape.

Now Nucleon Cabrio have EN C, DGAC and LTF 25/03 (EAPR) certificates!

Intended use

Nucleon Cabrio is designed for both trike and tandem flying:

  • trikes can be flown in entire weight range,
  • tandem flying (foot launch) should be done in lower half of the weight range only.

Restriction of the effective weight for tandem flying is caused by relatively high speed at take off when heavy, so that launch can be really difficult in nil-wind conditions. A trike has its wheels, but two heavy persons probably won't be able to take off. Of course with decent wind there shouldn't be problems with foot launch at any weight.


Nucleon Cabrio exhibits good performance and agility. Launch is easy, on condition that proper technique and trimmer settings are used. Under right settings and engine output pulling A risers may be not necessary at all - trike pilots simply love that option.

Another great feature of the Cabrio is wide speed range available on trimmers. This is especially useful when flying trikes and tandem, since you can't use your speed system then.

Finally, everyone will be satisfied with Cabrio's high maximum speed. It brings a lot of fun when overtaking other pilots and makes long distances a piece of cake.

Reflex airfoil and proper rigging make sure you will get comfortable even in rough thermal conditions.

ALC system makes for easy steering at high speeds.

CAUTION! Version WRC and Duo WRC (tandem) are now available!

For 2012 season there is a lifting of the Nucleon Cabrio available, created primarily for the competitors.

The WRC version (With Rod Concept) incorporates Dudek Flexi Egde technology.
Some minor modifications in the design (improving curvature among others) caused the wing to be more agile. Exchanging mylar reinforcements for elastic rods (as in other our recent designs: Nucleon, Hadron, Optic, Colt, Orca2) results in easier inflation and stiffens the leading edge. Increased speed ranges are another advantage of that improvement.
Those modifications should be welcomed especially by the competitors, seeking both for faultless launches and agility. Unfortunately despite relatively minor changes, Nucleon Cabrio WRC is not covered by the certificate issued for standard version. Anybody wishing to use certified paraglider will have to stay with regular Nucleons Cabrio, which due to constant demand will remain in production for the foreseeable future.

Nucleon Duo WRC is actually the same paraglider as the Nucleon Cabrio WRC, the only difference being light cloth Skytex 32 Evolution+. Being lighter, the canopy inflates easier, what is of special importance to foot-launched tandems. Weight range of the Duo: 170-240 kg. Caution: light cloth is available only as white, grey, maroon, orange and blue. That's why colour schemes differ in comparison to standard version - be sure to make correct choice when ordering.

Relation to other paragliders


The tables compare some of our paragliders' features.


Technical Data

Size 42
Certificates EN C / DGAC / LTF 25/03 (EAPR)
Number of cells 62
Surface area (flat) [m2] 42,00
Surface area (projected) [m2] 35,77
Span (flat) [m] 15,06
Span (projected) [m] 12,07
Aspect ratio (flat) 5,4
Aspect ratio (projected) 4,07
Sink rate* [m/s] min = 1,8; trym = 2,0; max = 3,0
Speed* [km/h] min = 35; trym = 45; max = 62
Max cord [cm]] 332
Lines length incl. risers [cm] 964,00
Total lines length [m] 609,67
Take-off weight EN [kg] 170-310**
Take-off weight DGAC and LTF 25/03 [kg] 170-310
Load test 6G [kg]
Canopy weight [kg] 11,0
Lines Technora 1,2 & 1,3 & 1,5 & 1,8 & 2,3
Cloth SkyTex Evolution 45 g/m2
SkyTex Classic 40 g/m2
SkyTex Hard 40 g/m2
SR Scrim, SR Laminate 180 g/m2
Risers Pasamon - Bydgoszcz, Polska


Toggles available:

  • SCT (Sport Comfort Toggle) standard (basic)
  • SCT (Sport Comfort Toggle) short
  • TCT (Triple Comfort Toggle) standard
  • TCT (Triple Comfort Toggle) short

more about toggles >>

* measured in the middle of the weight range
** in case of tandem (foot launch) top weight is 240 kg

CSGDRATrimEKtct-boxalc-boxacs-boxelr-box24 gwarancjaaero casco


To see one of the colour schemes just click one of the icons below:

nucleon_red nucleon_yellow nucleon_orange nucleon_blue

Other colours schemes are available on special order..


Certificates EN:

flight test
load test
load test 6G

Certificates EAPR:

 for minimum weight range
for maximum weight range 


english version

 Corel Draw 12 (.cdr)
 JPG (.jpg)
 Windows metafile (.wmf)
 Acrobat Reader (.pdf)
 Adobe Illustrator (.ai)

Here you can read an article explaining some popular myths concerning reflex profile paragliders.


Hello Fellas,

All I can say is WOW and Thank you very much. I received Nucleon Duo WRC just before dark yesterday. Went across the road to a tiny park big enough to lay it out. Looks good. There was no wind. I thought I try and to reverse kit it. Didn’t think I‘d have a hope in hell. To my amazement a couple of small steps back and the wing was waiting above my head. I repeated it twice to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. Same result. Bloody awesome. Can’t wait to fly it. Launches easier then the Hadron. I didn’t think that was possible.

Keep up the good work

Chris, Australia

If you would like to share you opinion on the paraglider, please send a mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it (stating Opinion + paraglider name as the subject). You can feel safe, as our e-mail address is being protected from spambots.
Your thoughts will be published on our website.

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A comparison of the main paraglider types indicates pilot's skill level, take-off weight range and winching suitability.
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A comparison of the main paraglider types indicates pilot's skill level,
take-off weight range and winching suitability.

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Visit one of our dealers - being experienced pilots and instructors they
will help you choose right paraglider and fitting accesories.


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