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  • Egyptian paramotor slalom

    World Paramotor Slalom Challenge held in Egypt was the last big paramotor competition of this year, and at the same time the first of its kind in the world, marrying speed with precision in slalom flying over water. Dependable Marie Mateos on a Snake XX 15 clocked another perfect result, finishing first among women and 7th overall.

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Design and manufacture of paragliders and further paragliding accesories.

Assorted information on our products. Classifications, ideas, safety, tests etc.

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    Rescue parachutes

    Safety first - paragliding rescue systems.

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    Our harness design team carefully listens to inputs coming from users, testpilots and paramotor manufacturers.

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    Trimmers, containers, bakcpacks, instruments, risers and a plethora of other items.

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List of the main paraglider models, including weight ranges, winch potential and piloting skills required.

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