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Acting upon notices of problems encountered in speed-system operation in some of our PPG canopies, we've prepared a bulletin on this matter, containing assembly instruction for the covers positioning the pulleys.


In Hadrons there are trimmer buckle tab extenders used. Extenders of the first batch have been longer than those used now - recently we followed hints of some pilots, suggesting that longer extenders could catch risers or lines during launch.
Anyone fearing that his extenders would really disturb his flying should contact us, and we will send back shorter ones for individual replacement.

Here is a video tutorial:

IMG 0092-mIt has been noticed that the triangle fixing the speed-system pulley to the riser can cause deformation the pulley's side covers.
This can happen under unfavourable configuration of the speedbar attachment. That's why we decided to replace triangle quicklink with a dedicated line (it has been used in all canopies for a couple of months). Any pilots wishing to replace the quicklink will receive said line from us (with a new set of pulleys).
If the speed-system is working well, such replacement is not recommended since the triangle offers better transfer of the load from the pulley to the riser.

The triangle quicklinks have been used in older versions of the Snake, Nucleon WRC, Hadron, Hadron Duo 34 and Hadron Cabrio 34 (slalom).

Video tutorial of the replacement:

It is important to observe right placement of the line on the pulley. Since the speedsystem line has its hook on the outside, the pulley line must be placed underneath, so that working pulley will not damage the line with its side covers when twisted under load.
The clips below explain what's the point:



Sometimes after long use the trimmers cease to operate correctly, i.e. they slide away of their intended position. In some cases it is just a matter of accumulated grease on the tapes, so first you can try to clean them with kleenex for example.

Currently all these canopies are produced with some "steps" sewn on the trimmer tapes which stop the sliding buckles, thus minimising possible asymmetry.

If the trimmer tapes are worn out and tend to keep sliding away, they should be replaced. For this we prepared a dedicated replacement set, including:

  • two new trimmer buckles with removable cross-bar for easy exchange
  • two new trimmer tapes with "steps"
  • some glue to prevent the screwes from getting loose.

Below you can see an instructional video on replacing the buckles. To put it short: the old buckles are sawed in half (they have a fixed bar), removed and replaced with new ones.

Procedures require that certified paragliders are sold exactly conforming to certification samples, without any additional functions. That's why we are forced to block any trimming on sale.
Until September 2010 our paragliders were equipped with Trimmer Dummy, to be replaced with normal trimmers on pilot's own responsibility. Now we made life easier - our paragliders come with trimmers as standard, with addition of a plastic buckle temporarily prohibiting trimmer use. All a willing pilot has to do is to slide the buckle, thus removing the constraint so that trimmer becomes fully operational.

 Trimmer Tape Lock - instruction.pdf

On leaving the factory all paragliders are equipped with a Trimmer Dummy - when it is present, given paraglider conforms to EN norm. If you would like to have additional possibility of AoA adjustment, you have to replace the dummy strap with complete trimmers.

 Here you will see how to do that.

The pictures show the way steering lines should be attached to steering toggles. Such a knot cannot go untied - on the contrary, every pull on the steering line (i.e. every steering input) strengthens it.
Showed knot is used by our assemblers on each wing leaving Dudek Paragliders, and in case of any alterations (mainly steering lines length adjustment) please take care to have it fixed exactly the same way afterwards.

How to replace a speed-system line with a new one (thick)

Sometimes it is necessary to exchange speed-system line for a new one. You can do it yourself, as shown here: english version.pdf 

How to replace speed-system line of older type (thin)

When a line of older type (thin) breaks, attaching hooks to the new one can be troublesome. Thanks to Clive Bunce there is some guidance here .

Trimmers buckles used in dedicated PPG risers sometimes require adjustment. After prolonged use a trimmer strap may need a replacement, too.

Pictures show how to disassemble and replace trimmer strap.

Have a look at our distribution network - experienced pilots and instructors will find out what suits your preferences best.


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