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Revolutionary simplified steering - Integrated Control

A new idea of canopy control is currently being vigorously tested. It will radically simplify steering a powered paraglider within all available speed range.

Design & Art - the vernissage

An interesting lecture on design and art border zone, placed in context of paraglider look, was delivered to the vernissage guests.

Exhibition in Bydgoszcz

Starting tomorrow, for a week in the University Library (2nd floor) there will be an exhibition of Włodzimierza Bykowskiego paintings (author of most our canopies' graphic designs).

Pill of happiness

Be careful - it's addictive! It will bring you unforgettable experiences, but a less-than-fortunate ending (like that on a film) is possible too... Acro (Mach 1.1) and speed (ZigZag2) in recent ChooksProd / Jean-Baptiste Chandelier video. Piloting and cut: Jim Nougarolles.

Colour lifting

From beginning of this year we've been introducing minor change in colour schemes of canopies featuring white stripe on the leading edge - it was replaced with a gray one.

New movie by JB - the Touch

Touch is the name of recent work by Jean Baptiste Chandelier, designer and testpilot of our acro wings, as well as a gifted filmmaker.

Soul - new hardness

Light pod harness for pilots looking for some comfort coupled with small weight. Ideal proposition for long XC and vol-biv adventures.

All Universals got EN/LTF B

According to our expectations, all four sizes of the Universal have successfully passed the certification process, obtaining B category (both EN and LTF).

Have a look at our distribution network - experienced pilots and instructors will find out what suits your preferences best.


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