Dudek Paragliders - Glides of Champions
Czech Open

Twenty pilots, twelve challenging tasks, many Dudek and Nirvana Dudek gliders on podium...

British Open 2015

Three British gentlemen on three Dudek's wings on podium - we like it ;). Barney Townsend wins on Snake 22.

Hadron XX - new!

We are proud to present another new paraglider - the Hadron XX is a fast, agile and high-lift sport/cross-country wing for experienced pilots. It is available in our anniversary Four Elements colour scheme.

Jeremy wins in Italy

Jeremy Penone on a Dudek Snake XX 16 has won Italian edition of the Slalomania! Competition organised as the FAI World Paramotor Cup event took place last weekend in the city of Dovera.

Armin becomes Sony's Photographer of the Year

Armin Appel (Germany) became a photographer of the year in annual Sony's contest, the World Photography Award 2015. In total there was over 80 thousand pictures sent, of which his was chosen as the best one.The picture was made during a flight on Hadron over town of Biberach an der Riss in Germany.

Nucleon XX blasts off

Nucleon XX it is yet another piece in a long line of classic reflex paragliders, from Traper through Action and ReAction, up to Nucleon and Nucleon WRC. More: en/products/nucleon-xx.html

Colours of the Elements

What's the story about these colours? If you care to know how the idea emerged and want to see them on our new models, click here.

Snake XX - new face of the Snake

The new Snake is truly a champion's wing. It performs even better, with some new ideas it is faster and more agile... have a closer look at the Snake XX

Green and light

Light, warm, waterproof and cutely green. Ideal for the late winter end/early spring period. Limited number. Have a look at Dudek Fun Collection

How do you pack?

Have a look at our distribution network - experienced pilots and instructors will find out what suits your preferences best.


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