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Good news from UK

Sacha Dench a.k.a. the Swan Woman has just became the first woman in history to overfly the English Channel on a paramotor. A white Universal prepared specially for her was a big asset in this crossing...

Special colours for free!

All who would like their wing to be different can now save 10-15% off the usually asked price. Special colours without extra fees - a promo up to 11th December! The paragliders will be ready Jan/Feb 2017.

The FOTS Team in our factory!

As luck would have it, the migration route of the swans flying from Siberia to western Europe runs close to the very place, where canopies of the pilots following the birds were made. Not surprisingly, the Flight of the Swans team paid a short visit to Kowalewo.

Flight of the Swans nearing Poland

In the first days of November Flight of the Swans expeditions is expected to cross the Lithuanian-Polish border. Sacha Dench on our Universal follows the migration route of the Bewick swans, all the way from their Arctic breeding grounds to wintering sites in the west if British Isles.

Jeremy Penone wins Icarobatix

Jeremy Penone on a Snake triumphed in the Parabatix competition, held during this year's Coupe Icare in France.

Raport'air - The essence of stability

It looks like the evolutionary path of reflex paraglider is about to complete a circle.

Widespread use of the reflex profile canopies in paramotoring started some 15 years ago, with emergence of the Traper/Action, followed by Reaction.

Carbon plates for harnesses

Durable, light seat plates for those pilots, who especially care for weight reduction and additional protection. For the Funky and Jazz harnesses there are just the seatplates available, for the Techno and Soul we have the footrests too. All the plates can be ticked as extra paid option when ordering a harness, or as an upgrade set for existing harnesses.

WMC 2016

In the 9th World Paramotor Championships held in Popham UK our canopies helped their pilots to win several medals, including three individual gold: Marie MATEOS in women PF1 (Hadron XX 18), Fabrice & Christelle BREUZARD in PF2 (Hadron Duo 34), and Lubomir ZAVORKA with Daniel TROCHTA in PL2 (Hadron Cabrio 34). Triumphant Polish PL1 team have been flying exclusively our Snakes, too.

New Dudek Clothing

We have ready limited number of a new jacket & cap. The jacket is light, hydrophobic, breathable, elastic and fitting:: LINK
And, for some time we've been getting inquiries about the military style cap. Hre it is: LINK

Poland's the best again!

For the fourth time in a row Polish team has won the gold medal in a major  paragliding competition. Winning the Team European Slalom Championship was underscored with individual successes too.

Our wings in anti-poaching activity

Eugene Cussons is a well-known environment activist, writer, the executive director and ambassador of the "Generation Now" movement, and our dealer in the RSA. We would like to show you the way he uses paragliders to fight poaching in the South African reserves.

Down the Vistula river

Vistula river is so much a Polish symbol, that at times it's easy to forget its very real beauty. All the more a moving experience, to discover it all again, to unhurriedly savour the views...

First competition of the Coden PRO

Nie można sobie wymarzyć lepszego startu na zawodniczej ścieżce niż wygrana! Dokonał tego litewski pilot Robertas Pesliakas na zawodach Stratus Cup, zwyciężając na pachnącym jeszcze fabryką Codenie Pro 23.

AFS-2 in Hadron XX - recommendation

After a thorough analysis of the whole situation concerning the AFS sytstem and its upgrade to AFS-2 version we announce that all pilots who have any doubts as to the system operation and/or wish to increase their safety margin against possible user mistakes when working the Hadron XX risers, are strongly recommended to execute aforementioned upgrade.

Hadron XX's AFS - Safety Note!

Hereby we urge all pilots flying the Hadron XX paragliders, equipped with Aerodynamical Flaps System, to upgrade that system to the current AFS-2 version. The AFS was introduced as a means to reduce the take-off speed. In case of improper use of that system, accompanied with releasing the trimmer to obtain maximum speed, its operation becomes dangerous.

New AFS-2 system in Hadron XX

As of now, we put into production the new AFS-2 system, replacing the original AFS (Aerodynamical Flaps System).

The AFS-2 completely eliminates possibility of a dangerous piloting error, i.e. simultaneous engaging both the AFS and the trimmers.

Coden Pro

We are proud to announce launch of the most advanced competition wing in Dudek Paragliders range: Coden Pro!

Wojtek Bógdał became an Airman of the Year!

For the first time in the history the Polish "Airman of the Year" title went to a paraglider pilot - Wojtek Bógdał, national team member, 2015 World and Europe Slalom Champion in trikes, flying a Snake XX canopy.

Record in Brasil

Almost 600 km under 9 hours. This is an (unofficial so far) South American record, flown by two Brasilian pilots on the Nucleons XX. Congratulations!

Light and warm jackets

Jackets for men and women by Regatta, in two colours with Dudek embroidery. Light and warm, suit under flying suit or as a single jacket when weather allows.

Have a look at our distribution network - experienced pilots and instructors will find out what suits your preferences best.


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