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Quick Link Spanner

We've prepared a little surprise for our customers - from the beginning of 2016 each paraglider will be accompanied by a small gift - a Dudek-branded quick link spanner, which can be used as a keyring.

Pulley cover

Acting upon notices of problems encountered in speed-system operation in some of our PPG canopies, we've prepared a bulletin on this matter, containing assembly instruction for the covers positioning the pulleys.

Hadron 1.1

When we stopped the Hadron manufacture, there was increasing number of calls stating that the paraglider is being missed by some. It turns out that despite somewhat worse performance than the XX, original Hadron offered incredible stability and simple operation. Hereby we are renewing its production.
More info: en/products/hadron-1.1.html

World Air Games in Dubai

In paramotor competition held during WAG Dubai pilots flying our canopies have won two of possible three medals.

2m high pylon

MiniPylon 2m be used as a decoration of the shop or office, at exhibitions and fairs. It includes an air blower and water ballast, optionally can be illuminated with multifunction LED lamp. More: produkty/minipylon-2m.html

New sport shirt Slalom

While remaining in the Four Elements colour scheme, we added the fifth element to it - the Slalom. A painting by Włodek Bykowski (visible on the T-shirts) was one of the prizes for the best single-seated trikes pilot on this year's World Championship in Legnica, that is Wojtek Bógdał.

Slalomania in Spain

Marie Liepmann has just won the women classification of last Slalomania edition in this year. Vicente Palmero won the Andalusian Championship, with Javier Sierra coming second. Jeremy Penone took second place in the open class. All flying the Snakes XX.

SmartBag XX

New, bigger than MotoBag, with better handling and generally refined - the SmartBag XX. It is a middle solution between quickpack and a regular bag - available on order as an additional option. More details: akcesoria.html

2nd Asia-Oceania Paramotor Championship 2015

The Asian-Oceanic Paramotor Championships have been just finished in Malaysia. Looks like we have a Year of the Snake, since all three top places were taken by pilots flying Snakes.

Spanish Paramotor Chamionships 2015

On paramotor championship in Spain Vicente Palmero (Snake XX) was second and Javier Sierra (Snake) - third, the winner was Ramon Morillas. Congrats!

Polish Paramotor League

The official closing ceremony of the Polish Paramotor League is still to be held (17th Oct. in Płock), but the results are already known. The Polish Championships are over too, so here are the winners...

Polish Accuracy 2015

Last weekend at Rudniki airfield tookplace the first Polish Paragliding Accuracy Championship. There were 24 competitiors present, and the winner was determined after 5 rounds.

XX Event

From 1st to 4th October we've been celebrating 20th anniversary of our company. The culminating moment was the Saturday's fiesta. Some 370 people accepted our invitation, among them our dealers from all over the world, sportsmen, specialguestst and most of all our workers/collaborators.

Combo lifting

Light, dual-function Combo harness has udergone a lifting recently - we've increased its back pocket, there is a new size as well. More details on the Combo webpage.

Disco Hardness

We have new harness for beginners and weekend pilots: Disco. Comfort and light. More info on Disco site.

XX Caps

Recent version of our brand caps, in four colours, each in different 'element'. Featuring an airing net on the back. More: produkty/czapka-xx.html

Multiple hundreds of Goray

First places in two rankings and two classes of the XC Portal with tracks well exceeding 200 km per flight is an impressive result by Marcin Gorayski, flying a Coden 25.5.

World Paramotor Slalom Championships - results

The competition lasting over a week ended with a triumph of Polish pilots, organizers and manufacturers.

Sadly, the competition was interrupted with fatal accident of a Lithuanian pilot - we offer our condolences to the family and friends of the deceased. Due to this accident final tasks were discontinued and provisional results became final.

2WPSC - statistics

The Second World Paramotor Slalom Championship in Legnica is in full swing, so before we concentrate on final results we can have a look at what gliders are the most popular.

Nucleonami wokół granic Polski

12 dni trwał przelot wzdłuż granic Polski dwóch motoparalotni unoszonychprzez Nucleony XX. Karol Wiklak i Wiesław Mogielski przemierzyli dwa i pół tysiąca kilometrów, przeważnie lecąc, czasem jadąc na rowerach.

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