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WPC 2014 - technical tidbits

While the weather doesn't bless the World Championships in Hungary & the organisers try to keep pace with the flow of incoming protests, we can have a look at some interesting statistics.

1st FAI European Paramotor Slalom Championship

Competition took place in Couhé-Vérac (Francje) and was held in memory of recently deceased Grzegorz Krzyżanowski, the Paramotor Slalom World Champion.

Spanish Slalomania

As Spanish edition of the Slalomania concluded, there were two Snake pilots on the podium - Vicente Palmero (1) and Javier Sierra (3). Congratulations!

New harnesses

There are three new harnesses in our offer: Techno, Funky i Jazz. All of them leightweight and designed according to the same philosophy.

State Commission on Aircraft Accidents information

Polish State Commission on Aircraft Accidents published information concerning accident of Grzegorz Krzyżanowski. Here is an original PDF with full information in Polish. We have been asked by many foreign pilots for an explanation of what happened. Thus we decided to translate this official information to English. Please note it is not an original PSCAA information, but we made our uttermost efforts to translate it accurately: Translation in English.

RIP Grzegorz

Yesterday Grzegorz Krzyżanowski died - a father of three, outstanding man, great pilot, Paramotor Champion of the World, our close collaborator, friend and companion...

Slalom Lithuanian Open

Last weekend pilots from Lithuania and Latvia took part in slalom competition. After 19 rounds our business friend Aivaras Akramas emerged victorious.

Design & Art t-shirts

The most jaw-dropping T-shirts we've made so far. Sewn on our order exclusively from high-quality cotton.  Green one shows pictures and 3D views of free-lfying canopies, the blue one - paramotor wings.

British Championship

Michel Carnet is crowned British Champion for the 11th time. During 3 days of perfect flying weather, 39 pilots competed through 16 tasks, including pilots from France, Belgium, Estonia and Qatar.

Company coasters

Our gadget store was supplied with coasters fitting a mug, a glass or big cup... there are 2 sets with 6 pcs each available. One set features photographs, the other features Paraabstraction paintings.

Revolutionary simplified steering - Integrated Control

A new idea of canopy control is currently being vigorously tested. It will radically simplify steering a powered paraglider within all available speed range.

Design & Art - the vernissage

An interesting lecture on design and art border zone, placed in context of paraglider look, was delivered to the vernissage guests.

Exhibition in Bydgoszcz

Starting tomorrow, for a week in the University Library (2nd floor) there will be an exhibition of Włodzimierza Bykowskiego paintings (author of most our canopies' graphic designs).

Pill of happiness

Be careful - it's addictive! It will bring you unforgettable experiences, but a less-than-fortunate ending (like that on a film) is possible too... Acro (Mach 1.1) and speed (ZigZag2) in recent ChooksProd / Jean-Baptiste Chandelier video. Piloting and cut: Jim Nougarolles.

Colour lifting

From beginning of this year we've been introducing minor change in colour schemes of canopies featuring white stripe on the leading edge - it was replaced with a gray one.

New movie by JB - the Touch

Touch is the name of recent work by Jean Baptiste Chandelier, designer and testpilot of our acro wings, as well as a gifted filmmaker.

Soul - new hardness

Light pod harness for pilots looking for some comfort coupled with small weight. Ideal proposition for long XC and vol-biv adventures.

All Universals got EN/LTF B

According to our expectations, all four sizes of the Universal have successfully passed the certification process, obtaining B category (both EN and LTF).

Have a look at our distribution network - experienced pilots and instructors will find out what suits your preferences best.


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